Dr. Michael Safir – Phone Consult

Dr. Michael Safir is one of the doctors taking over Dr. Mang Chen's patients after Dr. Chen leaves Brownstein and Crane Surgical Services on September 30th. You can read about Dr. Safir's career here. Dr. Safir is a trained reconstructive urologist in both male and female anatomy. This puts him in a unique position, as... Continue Reading →


Dr. Heidi Wittenberg – Phone Consult

Most of you who follow this blog will not recognize the name Dr. Heidi Wittenberg. You can read about her career here. Additionally, she has been performing hystorectomies for Brownstein and Crane Surgical Services for about two years. Over the last year Dr. Wittenberg began training to perform metoidioplasties (metas). She has performed 10 metas... Continue Reading →

DHT/Andractim Therapy Results

I'm finally getting around to writing up my experience with DHT (Andractim 2.5%). For those wondering about whether or not I will post pictures: I do have pictures documenting my before DHT and after DHT, but I am not going to share them on this blog. I don't think I'll ever share them via any form... Continue Reading →

Beginning DHT/Andractim Treatment

I began using DHT to try and maximize my lower growth from HRT on March 15th. Because I have chosen metoidioplasty for lower surgery, getting as much as I can out of my natal anatomy is important to me. I've been researching this for many years and two of the best sources I found are... Continue Reading →

4 Years (and a few days) on T

I just can't seem to get these posts written on the day of the anniversary. HA! Hair: Either it's just in my head, a factor of time, or it's due to my recent hysterectomy, but my hairline and hair in general is freaking me out. I feel like I'm loosing more than normal when I... Continue Reading →


Alright, we're a few days out, so I'll do my best to recap and not make it too terribly long. I had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy. My surgeon was local and it was performed at a local hospital. Prep, November 1st: This was typical. No eating or drinking after midnight. My surgeon did require an enema... Continue Reading →

Bump In the Road

This is a very different post than what I thought I'd be writing today. I got ready for my phone consult and 15 minutes came and went, another 15 minutes came and went, and then another. Finally, I called the Brownstein and Crane office in San Fransisco. On the second try someone answered. Apparently the... Continue Reading →

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