4 Weeks Post-Op Appointment with Local Urologist

I referenced in my post about my post-op appointment with Dr. Safir that I would be returning home earlier than a person normally would having just had a lower surgery procedure. I was able to arrange this because I found a urologist locally that could and would treat me. She also referenced me not being... Continue Reading →


Voiding Trial/3 Weeks Post-Op Fistula Repair/Stage 2 with Dr. Safir

On October 18th, I began my voiding trial. Obviously I was a little anxious, but I tried not to think about it as I waited for my bladder to fill after plugging the catheter. And then, the moment of truth... THE FISTULA REPAIR WORKED!!!!! To say I was relieved is a bit of an understatement.... Continue Reading →

9 Weeks Post-Op Metoidioplasty

There's just a theme of me being late on updating, but like my previous post, this has to do with returning to work.┬áStay till the end for sex talk. On Thursday, May 10th, I had a follow-up phone call with Dr. Safir about my healing progress from first stage metoidioplasty. My initial surgery was performed... Continue Reading →

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