It’s just a fax

So tomorrow is T-day as you may remember. However, towards the end of this last week things became a little stressful.

My therapist, whom I’ve never had a problem with before, still hadn’t sent my letter to the doctor as of Friday evening. He’d had two weeks to do this because with something this important, I wasn’t a slacker. You can imagine how frustrating this was because I’m traveling two and a half hours to see my doctor, had asked off work, and a fellow brother also has an appointment and is traveling with me.

After many harried hours, I finally got my therapist on the phone, where he assured me it would be there after making a plethora of defensive excuses as to why it hadn’t been done yet and my phone calls hadn’t been returned.

Now obviously, this is all worked out now and we are good to go tomorrow. I’m mainly writing this post because I want fellow dudes to know that even when you have a great relationship with your health professionals, you still have to be your own advocate. Do not give up, stay on people and be polite, but don’t take anything lying down.

That being said, here’s to T-day and here’s to the future!


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