1 Month on T

Well, here we go! For your reading pleasure, a typical one month on T post!


So far the only hair I’ve noticed is a slight thickening of blonde-ish hairs over my upper lip. This was to be pretty much expected, although I was surprised it started here first and not somewhere else. I’d like to add that I am ITCHY, so maybe this means more hair is growing elsewhere and I’ll have more to talk about next month.


WHOA. I knew that stuff would happen quickly, but sheesh. Let’s just say my “pants” are “happy” a LOT. I’ve also noticed an increased sex drive (to be expected), as well as a further preoccupation with sex in general.


Nothing has really happened yet, which is fine. We thought it might be cracking, but I think it was me getting over a cold.


This was definitely interesting. I must admit, I have not been working out, even though I swore I would. Don’t judge me. HA! However, the first change I really noticed was a strengthening/toning of my ab muscles or “core”. These have basically become like a rock. They are not defined, due to my laziness, but they are definitely tighter.


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