Two Months on T

Ok, so before I go into my two month on T post, I need to say that as of about three weeks ago, my T levels were OUT OF THE ROOF. I talked with some fellow T-bros about this and mine were the highest they’d ever heard of. Obviously, I also talked with my doctor about the appropriate action to take. As of right now, I’m on weekly shots instead of bi-weekly, and my dose has been lowered somewhat. I can already tell that I’m changing faster than I was and that I feel better. However, as a caveat to all of that PLEASE do not EVER alter your dose without consulting your doctor. That is VERY UNSAFE and potentially harmful to your body.


There’s been a little more in this department, but as I said about my high T levels, probably not as much as I should have. However, my facial hair continues to thicken and I’ve FINALLY seen some tiny hairs poking out on the top of my thighs. Everything else is pretty much the same as it was before right now.


My “pants” are continuing to still be VERY happy. I’ve also noticed increasing growth in that region, which makes me feel much better. It’s still not the real thing, but hey, I’ve gotta look on the bright side. Also, my “evil” has stopped and never shown up again.


My voice has definitely started cracking and deepening. I’ve already lost my higher registers in terms of both speaking and singing. When I’m out and interacting with people who obviously don’t know me, I pretty much never get called out now. For people who know me, they can tell a slight difference, but my voice is certainly not as deep as it’s going to get. Here we go!


OK, so it turns out I REALLY suck at life-altering fitness changes. However, I’ve noticed my hips thinning out and angling down. I feel like my hands and arms are becoming slightly more vein-y, but it’s hard to tell if that’s true or if I’m just imagining things.


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