Four Months on T

Wow, I can’t believe it’s month four already! It seems like I just wrote a post. Let’s dive in!


The Hair-splosion continues! It’s continuing to creep virtually everywhere: arms, legs, thighs, face. However, this time there’s a new development. I knew it was most likely coming, but because my brother has told me he’s hairless in this area, I did have hope. The butt hair is now upon me. This was hilariously discovered by my girlfriend during my shot on Monday. Needless to say, we had a moment.


The libido is back, which leads me to believe that the decrease was due to outside stress and other emotional factors. Also, I really hope I’m seeing more growth, but I’m honestly not sure. I’m hoping this isn’t all I get, but that’s a WHOLE other post.


Whelp, my voice continues to drop like it’s stepping down stairs. Virtually everyone in my life has noticed. Singing is going better for me than it had been and I’m wondering if that’s because as my voice is deepening, it’s settling more. ::shrug:: We’ll find out. Practice makes perfect!


Even though I’m still not working out like I should be, I have noticed more muscle development in the last month, especially in my arms and biceps. I also have noticed a SLIGHT broadening of my shoulders and thickening of my back. This is definitely a good feeling. Now, if only I can motivate my lazy butt. Perhaps with the better weather coming my way, it will be easier to get active.


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