Five Months on T

April is always a busy month for me and mine between my and my brother’s birthdays, family visiting and just general spring craziness. As a result, my update this month is a little late, but no less exciting! Let’s dive in!


Hair, hair everywhere! The saga of hair continues with more on my arms, more on my stomach and more coming in all the time on my upper thighs. I joke that below the belt, I’m going to look like a satyr. With that also comes more hair on my butt, but (har) I really don’t care that much. Want your body to match your manly mind? Butt hair is part of it. In terms of hair on my face it’s continuing to come in, but still not really in a pattern yet. I’ll take what I can get though, even if it is still random sprouting.


Libido continues to be high and such. I think I might have had just a smidge more growth, but again, it’s hard to tell what’s hopeful and what’s for sure, since the increments are so much smaller nowadays.


My voice is continuing it’s downward spiral and is now to the point that even I sound foreign to myself sometimes. Whereas last month, I thought maybe it was starting to settle, now I know that’s definitely not the case. HA! Singing is increasingly difficult and while I get discouraged sometimes, I’m still trying to press on with practicing with it.


My muscles have continued to grow, change and shift. My mother told me that my shoulders look broader and I’d have to say I agree. I should be photo documenting and have not been (I know, I know), but it seems people who haven’t seen me in a while notice more of a difference in my body and musculature than I do. That’s most likely b/c I see myself in the mirror every day. Also, I’m definitely veiner than I used to be, which I like.


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