6 Months on T

Happy six months to me! I know this seems to be a milestone in the first year for most guys and of course it has been for me as well. Yes, I know I’m a little (har) late, but my girlfriend and I are moving in together in two (!) weeks! Any one who has ever moved (i.e. everyone) will understand the level of stress that comes with this. So, yes I’m late on my post, BUT, there’s SO MUCH to talk about! Let’s get started!


Holy crap! It’s everywhere! People are astonished at my legs, my arms, my face! Granted, it’s not much on my face, but at least the right side of my face has finally decided to wake up and join the left side. HA! I’ve also noticed it creeping down my hands, which is welcome and interesting, considering it took a buddy of mine three years to start seeing that. On a not so pleasant, but necessary note, I may be investing in Gold Bond powder for my butt hair, because as it’s heating up, holy cow, have I been uncomfortable. My partner and I joke every time the Shaq commercial comes on. ::pssssssst!:: HAHAHAHA!


Not only has my hair continued to explode and thicken in this region, but I thought I was seeing a plateau in size. But, lo and behold, even if it was a micro (insert increment of measurement here), it did get a little bigger. Not to mention, sensation continues to change in this region. I know a lot of guys stop talking about it way before this, but I’m still finding things to say/share, so there it is.


Holy crap has it changed! It settled for a minute for the first time, but as time has gone on since the actual 6 month mark, it started to crack again. Singing was going better during the settling period and continues to improve, but I don’t thing I’m anywhere near the bottom of where my voice will go considering the considerable cracking. I’m fine with it and honestly it’s my best tool for passing considering I’m pretty baby-faced.


While I have not worked out much, considering me moving (mentioned above), plus helping all my other friends move, I have definitely developed some more definition. I keep joking that I’ll just keep moving people and won’t have to work out. HA! Seriously though, my hands look more veiny and are changing, my face has finally started to be slightly different and my arms (biceps and forearms) continue to morph. Also, the other night, sitting around in some boxer-briefs, I noticed my thighs and calves being slightly more defined. I’ve always had chicken legs, so I never expected miracles, but I am still pleased with these incremental changes.


I’ve never added this section before, but things are going SO WELL in transition and in life right now, that I just wanted to write a quick note and say: YES, you can do it. YES, you will do it. YES, you will be happier. YES, I can’t wait to see what comes next!


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