9-10 Months on T

Hey there! It’s been two months again, but hey, life is busy. Also, things are happening somewhat slowly at the moment, so when I realized I’d missed month 9, I just figured I’d combine these two months like I did the last time.

There has been a LOT going on in terms of my transition in other ways though. I’ve started the process of changing the gender marker on my Social Security card, as well as applying for my passport with the correct gender (more on that in separate posts).

Also, I have my phone consultation with Dr. Charles Garramone for top surgery on Monday!!!!!!! I can’t believe I’m getting this close to realizing that dream and look for plenty of posts about it as the process continues.

As for now, let’s talk about testosterone changes.


I am now sporting a tiny goatee and trash stash, which may not be much, but I’ll take it! My stomach is really starting to fill out hair-wise as well as my upper thighs. Sometimes it feels like I’m growing a garden… of hair. HAHA! I love it.


Things have finally slowed in this region (damn!), but that’s not necessarily a surprise. We’ll see if something else big (har) occurs. If not, it may be time to let this section of the blog go.


My voice seems to be at a stasis for the moment, which is fine. I know it will drop again somewhere in between year 1 and 2. For now, I enjoy the resonance it has and continue to work on my singing voice.


They continue to grow and tighten. It’s not at the same rate it once was, but again, I’m getting to a point where things will plateau for a while. The thing I find most frustrating at this point is that my body fat seems to not be redistributing as much right now. I don’t have much to work with anyways (I started about 126 lbs and now weigh 136 lbs), but it still irritates me from time to time.


Because of changing documents and starting the top surgery process, my emotions concerning transition are pretty positive and optimistic right now. In terms of everything else, I have an amazing partner, home and friends. My job is pretty stressful and difficult however, and I know that that stress has been affecting me emotionally and physically. I am doing everything I can to improve that situation though and hopefully it will improve with time.


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