One Year on T!

One year
(Left) One year on testosterone, (Right) One day on testosterone.


Well, here we are and what a ride it’s been! As is typical for most trans men my one year has been an important day to look forward to. I have laughed, learned, cried, puzzled and much more over the last year. This journey has not been easy, but is not one that I would trade for the before-times either. I am infinitely more happy, confident and healthy than I was a year ago today. I still have a ways to go, but that’s life. So, lets get down to the nitty-gritty!


My facial hair continues to fill in and while it’s mostly light, scraggly and patchy, I honestly didn’t even expect to have as much as I do now. Most guys’ No-Shave November is going more successfully than mine, but the fact that I could even halfway participate this year made me happy. My legs, arms and stomach continue to fill in. I don’t come from a particularly hairy lineage, so only time (2-3 more years) will tell how much more intense it will all get.


My voice seems to have leveled out for now, and I am pretty happy with it. It may drop a little more in a few months, but if not, I’m still pleased with it. For this post I am posting my one-year voice clip below.


My muscles haven’t changed much in the last little bit. I still find myself frustrated with my body fat redistribution slowing, but I have incorporated walking into my daily routine to try and keep trim and keep my metabolism up. At this point I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’m going to need to do more myself if I want to see more in this area. And here I am one year later, having not established a work-out routine. Well, there’s always next year!


As stated above, this year has been a wild ride. I think my levels have become more stable since July and as I result, I think I’m finally experiencing the “teenage” aspect of the emotional scale, albeit much later than most of my counterparts. This has put a strain on me and those close to me, but I am working through it. Thankfully, I don’t mind seeking out or reading self help/self improvement articles. There were times in the last year when honestly I wondered what the hell I was feeling, why and how to work through it, but every time, people were kind enough, especially my girlfriend, to bear with me and help me.

The point is this: Was year one easy? No, not all the time. Was it fun? Yes, but not all the time. Was it awe-inspiring to see my body do and become the things I have always wanted? Yes, but not all the time (ass-acne, HA!). Am I glad to finally be working towards putting my body and mind closer to being at one with each other? HELL YES. And for that, I am eternally grateful. Here’s to the next year!


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