Extra $400? OK…

I hope this post doesn’t sound too complain-y, but as time goes on, I just feel like putting this out there. As some of you may remember, I have top surgery scheduled with Dr. Garramone on March 4th. Again, as every one knows, this is not a cheap procedure, nor are any of the costs surrounding it.

That being said, apparently the hospital was going to bill me later for running pathology (testing on tissue removed from the body). Even though this is healthy tissue being removed, it seems to be the law that the hospital does this. I do not remember ever being told this. About two weeks ago, I was contacted by Dr. Garramone’s office and told that because the hospital’s billing was so expensive for this mandatory testing, Dr. Garramone had negotiated with the hospital to get the bill down to $400 up front.

Now, while I appreciate Dr. Garramone doing this for his FTM patients, I am a little irritated that so close (less than a month and a half) out from surgery,  I was being told there would be another charge. Thankfully I have supportive parents that are willing to help cover costs that aren’t met yet (I will pay them back of course), but a lot of guys don’t have safety nets for this kind of thing. Especially this close to surgery. Also, if you’ve been doing the math, that means surgery with Dr. Garramone has now gone up to $6900, not including travel costs or prescriptions.

So yeah, is it the end of the world? No. Will it be taken care of? Yes. I’m just irritated, because it’s just another reminder that nothing about medical transition is easy and the hoops are endless.

Sorry this post is not more positive guys.


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