Top Surgery Saga

Obviously, I’m post-op top surgery, but due to some things I will explain below, I am only just now going to update and give you the story.


My pre-op appointment with Dr. Garramone was on March 3rd at 11AM. We should have arrived earlier than we did, because there’s mountains of paperwork to fill out. The staff at the desk was wonderful and Dr. G was awesome. We joked, took some pictures and he didn’t make any weird faces at my chest. HAHA! We spent the rest of the day stuffing my face and drinking a CRAP-TON of water.

Surgery Day:

Not going to lie, I was pretty damn nervous the day of surgery. Thank GOD I drank all the water I did, because it made not having water after midnight more bearable, especially since my surgery was scheduled for 1:30PM in the afternoon. I held it together pretty well with my nerves until I got called back. Once that happened, I started to freak out a little. Come to find out, Dr. G was a whole surgery behind, so my surgery was going to be at 3PM. Dr. G came in to mark me up before the guy in front of me to expedite my surgery once he got done with the guy in front of me. He was very professional, calm and cool as a cucumber. My mom and girlfriend were back there waiting with me the whole time, by the way, which helped my nerves some. Finally my sassy nurse, Jennifer, came back and gave me some CHILL THE EFF OUT. Once I got that, I was good to go. I said goodbye to mom and my girlfriend and they wheeled me back to surgery. I went to sleep pretty quick and that was that.


I woke up and was apparently NOT HAPPY. Also, long story short, my oxygen saturation was really low, 80, and it needed to be above 90. This caused concern for my anesthesiologist, who was worried about a potential blood clot in my lungs. After waiting around with me in an oxygen mask for a while, it was recommended that I go across the street to the hospital and get checked in to the ER.

What happened over the next several hours was a barrage of tests, needles, injections and scans. It was thought that I had pneumonia and I was admitted to the hospital that night. At about 1:30AM, I was finally brought to my room where I was to spend the next few days.

Hospital Stay:

I stayed in the hospital for about two days, regaining my strength and getting weaned off the oxygen. By 12:30AM, the next morning I was off of the oxygen, as my saturation levels had raised. Still, the doctors wanted me to stay overnight again just to be sure. Thankfully, the staff was AMAZING and I didn’t really mind my hospital stay at all. The food was also excellent. I don’t know why people complain about it so much. Either that, or I just got lucky.

As time went on, it was determined that I did not in fact have pneumonia, but had had a stronger reaction to the anesthesia than most people due to the fact that I was a smoker for the 14 previous years. There’s a term for it, but basically when you’re on anesthesia, your lungs close a little. Most people recover quickly from it, but if you smoke it’s MUCH harder. I’m writing this mainly to tell people that stuff like this CAN happen. I’d never heard of it happening before, but I think it’s important to tell people about what can happen. If you smoke, this is a possibility, even if you’ve recently quit like I had. It is not to be fooled with and you could potentially have this reaction to anesthesia.

Back to the Hotel:

We got to go to the hotel in the afternoon on Wednesday, March 6th. I was pretty sore still and riding in a car was interesting to say the least. I slept most of that day and finally got a good night’s sleep that night.

Thursday, March 7th, I woke up feeling like myself for the first time since surgery. Yesterday was pretty great, although last night on a trip out for ice cream, I accidentally knocked the left side of my chest. I don’t think I need to tell you how BAD that hurt. I don’t recommend it.

March 8th:

Today, I walked outside with my mom, but got a little dizzy. I felt good enough to do it, I’ve just got to watch it. HAHA! Later, I think we’re venturing out downtown for a little while.

All-in-all, even though it got a little scary there after surgery, I’m fine and feeling better and better every day. I am SO THANKFUL I had my mom and my girlfriend here and that I didn’t have to do this alone since I ended up in the hospital. My mom and girlfriend have been total troopers and excellent care givers. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

So here’s to the rest of my recovery and I hope it’s speedy! I’ll update you guys later!


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