Post-Op 1 and 2 Weeks

I’ve been meaning to post these pics from the last two weeks of healing from top surgery, so here we go!

Post-Op, 1 Week:

1 week post-op
1 week post-op

As you can see, my nipples were healing quite nicely and the swelling was dissipating rapidly.

Post-Op, 2 Weeks:

2 weeks post-op
2 weeks post-op

I peeled my steri-strips off right before this picture was taken. They didn’t “fall off” on their own, so yeah. I am VERY pleased with how thin my scars are and am convinced Dr. Garramone is an artist. You can see some left-over bruising, as well as redness around my scars. I have very sensitive skin, so yeah, the taping for dressing my wounds has not been fun for me.

So, there you have it! I’m planning on taking pics every week for the first six weeks to document the initial healing process and then going down to monthly after that.

This has hands-down been a fantastic experience and I am LOVING my “new” chest!


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