Post-Op 3, 5 and 6 Weeks

Hello, hello! April has been SO BUSY, what with my birthday, Easter and my brother’s birthday. Therefore, here’s a whopper of a post of progress photos.

Post-Op, 3 Weeks:

Post-Op, 3 Weeks
Post-Op, 3 Weeks

As you can see, things were still on the mend, but with improvements.

Post-Op, 5 Weeks:

Post-Op, 5 Weeks
Post-Op, 5 Weeks

Here, I feel like you can see a drastic improvement in my nipples. I know my left one is hanging out in the dark, but you can see my right one well enough to see that it’s pinker and less gross. Ha.

Post-Op, 6 Weeks:

Post-Op, 6 Weeks
Post-Op, 6 Weeks

So here we are at 6 weeks! I’m resuming normal activity and while my scars are red (I expected this based on my skin and knowing my body), I know they’ll fade over time. I feel like they’ve gotten flatter finally as well, but I am massaging my left scar since it’s bunched up a lot, especially under my armpit. My nipples are still coming along, but they are mostly healed. Some other bros of mine have assured me that they’ll continue to change over the coming months and to be ready for that. I am EXTREMELY pleased with my chest and do not regret surgery ONE. SINGLE. BIT.

From here on out, I’ll be trying to update about my chest monthly, but don’t be surprised or upset if I miss a month here or there. HA!


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