4-1/2 Months Post-Op

I’ve obviously fallen behind on my top surgery updates, again for reasons previously discussed on this blog.

I’m slowly regaining sensation on parts of my pectorals, but my nipples are still dead sensation-wise and my scars are the same.

My right nipple has been a little raised around the edges, up until recently. In fact, I noticed today that it is starting to flatten against my chest a bit like my left one.

I must admit, I’ve also fallen a little behind with my scar treatment and will be resuming it today.

Other than that, I’m just still enjoying my flat chest, running about shirtless and working on my posture (a constant struggle).

4-1/2 months post-op
4-1/2 months post-op


Sorry, the picture is a little grainy. I’m still using an iPhone 4 (I know, I know. Back in the dark ages. HA!)


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  1. This is why I’m totally holding out and going to see Dr Garramone when the time comes. He really does do the best work, and his nipple placement is the best I’ve seen. Looking great!

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