My Dad Is Awesome

Hello all!

A few nights ago while I was out, my uncle (Dad’s middle brother) began texting me and my father in a group text. Apparently there was some transgender storyline on Grey’s Anatomy (I didn’t know people still watched that show). This amounted to my uncle feeling a little bad that we live so far away from each other and that he hasn’t been around for a lot of my transition (this uncle was the first person in my family I ever told. He has been beyond supportive).

So, while we were talking, my Dad chimed in with this:

My father's simple, yet eloquent words on transsexualism.
My father’s simple, yet eloquent words on transsexualism.

“People just don’t get it. People are people [sic] it is not about what sex they are.”

My father has struggled with my transition, but neither of my parents have ever once disowned me, not supported me, etc. I know how lucky and blessed I am for that. That being said, my dad is also a man who has trouble expressing his feelings, even under great duress. For him to say this, out loud, even over a text, is rare and cherished.

Even though I know my dad loves me and supports me, it’s something very different to hear it. This was quite a special moment for me that made me very happy.


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