2-1/2 Years on T

I debated posting anything for my 2-1/2 years on T, which was technically last week on May 19th, but because I’ve noticed some major hair changes, I figured what the hell.


My hair is doing crazy things. I’ve continued to gain more body hair overall, but as you’ll see in the pictures below, I’ve finally made some headway in the facial hair department. On the flip-side of that my hairline is starting to noticeably recede. Everyone from my close friends to my hair stylist tells me that it’s not as bad as I think and not to worry about it, but hey, I’m only human. As a result, I’ve been wearing hats A LOT less and have decided to enjoy my hair in case it really does go away. Then there will be plenty of time for hats.

Hair line and side burns.
Here, you can see my hairline and also my bitchin’ side burns.

So yeah. I’ve obviously got my hair pulled back to show how much farther back my hair line is. I’m really excited about my ‘burns and even though they’re still somewhat light, I basically cultivate them.

Thicker facial hair around my mouth and chin.
Thicker facial hair around my mouth and chin.

Unfortunately the lighting in my house is super dark everywhere so this was the best I could come up with to try and show you guys what’s going on here. Over the past month, my connecting hairs from my mustache area have thickened and creeped down towards my goatee. I shaved last Saturday. By the end of this week, you’d really be able to see it. I should start shaving more than once a week but because I’m not forced to yet, I don’t.


I’ll just let the clip speak for itself.


I made a New Year’s Resolution this year to work out 5 days a week and to try to be healthier in general. Eventually I want to devote a whole post to that. With the exception of an injury in April that put me out of commission for the whole month, I’ve stayed on track since January. Not only have I noticed an improvement in my body, but I’ve also noticed one in my mood (no surprise there).

Other parts of my life are more stressful and I’ve struggled with some pretty dark moods recently. I want to get another job and get into a career field I’d enjoy more and I’m deeply unhappy in my current town. I have been for years and the inability to get a job elsewhere is becoming increasingly frustrating. I may have to throw caution to the wind and just go. I’m trying to do everything I can to ameliorate these situations and I think once I do, my overall mood will improve drastically.

Till next time, stay safe and enjoy your summer!


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