Lower Surgery Announcement – Phone Consult

The time has come for me to make it official on this blog. I’ve hinted and referenced at this several times: I have made the decision to go forward with lower surgery. I am 95% sure it will be metoidioplasty with vaginectomy, urethral lengthening, scrotoplasty and implants (this is commonly referred to as a “meta with the full works”) rather than phalloplasty. I have chosen the practice of Brownstein & Crane Surgical Services. My phone consult with Dr. Curtis Crane is scheduled for September 27th.

DISCLAIMER From this point forward, I will NOT allow or entertain trolls, lower surgery bashers, inappropriate questions, or anything else derogatory or hateful. I will not acknowledge any comments that fall into these categories, and if necessary report any offending parties engaging in this kind of behavior. END DISCLAIMER

I am not going to post photo documentation of my lower surgery on this blog. I am undecided as to whether I will make another truly anonymous blog documenting this photographically.

I have researched lower surgery for about six years now (almost my entire transition) and have gone back and forth numerous times. Everyone reaches their own decisions about lower surgery in their own way. For me, the final (almost) decision to go with metoidioplasty (meta) has to do with the following factors: my age, number of operations, potential complication rate and nature of those complications, preparation of the graft sites, previous surgical complications, number of potential future operations, recovery time and emotional drain.

All of that said, meta is not phalloplasty (phallo) lite. It comes with it’s own set of risks and complications, as well as limitations. Meaningful penetration will not be possible, but natural erections will be retained. Penetration is still somewhat of a concern of mine, however, the other pros and cons I’ve listed above have come to outweigh this in my mind. Whatever woman I end up with will love me for me, including what will be my smaller than average package.

I have chosen to document my lower surgery on this blog for two reasons. One, the information on this subject in the trans community is still severely limited and often riddled with inaccuracies and “hearsay.” Two, I am a man living in the Southeast and while there is some information out there about lower surgery experiences, I have yet to find one in all of my research from the perspective of a man living in the Southeast. An account like this would have been truly invaluable to me over the last six years, so I feel an obligation to be an account for other transsexual men in this region.

I want to reiterate again: none of this would be possible without insurance coverage for sexual reassignment surgeries (SRS). The impact health coverage of SRS for transsexuals has on transsexual patients is literally immeasurable in its emotional, physical and societal implications.


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