Bump In the Road

This is a very different post than what I thought I’d be writing today.

I got ready for my phone consult and 15 minutes came and went, another 15 minutes came and went, and then another. Finally, I called the Brownstein and Crane office in San Fransisco. On the second try someone answered.

Apparently the office had called me and left me a voicemail before today (date not specified), informing me that the new Austin, TX practice is currently unable to accept my insurance. I had no missed call or voicemail from the office. I don’t believe that they were misleading me, because at one point I got disconnected from my scheduler and when I got back on the phone, she informed me that she’d called me and left a voicemail in the interim. I checked and I still had nothing from the office and informed them that that was the case. Something very strange is going on with their phone and my phone apparently. As a result, I got blind-sided today and also left work 40 minutes early for what turned out to be no reason because of this connectivity issue.

Back to the insurance predicament. I believe this has to do with the state and/or hospital, but the scheduler helping me directed me to their insurance team for more info. Obviously I will be contacting the team explaining my situation and gathering more information. When I have it, I’ll make another post.

So here’s the rub: the San Fransisco practice is able to take my insurance, but the Austin practice is currently not. I have wonderful friends and a place lined up in Austin for aftercare. I have nothing lined up in San Fransisco. Texas is obviously closer and easier to get to than San Fransisco. Because Dr. Crane is starting the Austin practice from scratch, he’s barely spending any time in San Fransisco. I do not want the other surgeon at all (based on my procedure and his results, not because of anything else. He is an excellent surgeon for phalloplasty or if you like his meta results). There’s apparently another new surgeon trained by Dr. Crane in San Fransisco, but she has no/few results on the Internet and has performed less than 30 metoidioplasties on her own at this time.

I’ve rescheduled a phone consult with Dr. Crane for October 19th and am going to be placed on the waitlist for him for San Fransisco. Currently, that list is extending into late 2018.

Obviously, things can change. The state of Texas/the hospital could start accepting my insurance (what I’m praying for). The new surgeon could get really good and have what I’m looking for and I could plan for San Fransisco sooner than 2018. Or my employer could change to an insurance company that is accepted by the Austin practice.

The scheduler I talked with was excellent and the longer we stayed on the phone, the more she loosened up and seemed to really care about what I was going through. I wish the office would address this strange phone issue more seriously and after not receiving a confirmation from me for re-scheduling after the first voicemail they left, I think they should have tried to call me at least one more time. Other than that, I’m still pleased with my choice.

On a bright note, I ran farther and more consistently than I ever have tonight because I was so frustrated.


3 thoughts on “Bump In the Road

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  1. That’s really strange about the phones and the insurance situation. I hope things get straightened out in both regards. I don’t blame you for wanting Crane for your surgeon and I would insist on having him. Hopefully they’ll get the kinks worked out soon. Good luck!

    1. The phone situation is definitely strange. I’m concerned about whether the call on October 19th will come through. I’m about to start figuring out what I can do about the insurance. Thanks for your support!

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