Alright, we’re a few days out, so I’ll do my best to recap and not make it too terribly long. I had a total laparoscopic hysterectomy. My surgeon was local and it was performed at a local hospital.

Prep, November 1st:

This was typical. No eating or drinking after midnight. My surgeon did require an enema the night before. It was not the worst thing that’s ever happened to anyone, but it was not something I’d like to do every day. We’ll leave it at that.

Surgery Day, November 2nd:

My mother and I arrived at the hospital on time at 7AM. Everything went very smoothly. I paid, they started prepping me for pre-op, my mother was brought back and my pre-op nurse was great. No one ever missed a beat. My anesthesiologist and nurse anesthetist  came to visit, as did my surgical nurse and then finally my surgeon.

It was at this point that I was informed that my surgeon had gone to bat for me (and other patients like me, including those with smaller anatomy, not necessarily just transsexual men). She asked for and developed a smaller surgical tool to better aid her in completing a laparoscopic hysterectomy without a DaVinci Machine, which I talked about here. Dr. Nylander had to pass this through a committee and the hospital president in order to use it and I was the first patient to benefit from it. I did get a little cut/scrape around my “hole” that required one stitch because of this tool. It should dissolve after 3-4 days. Even with that stupid stitch, I cannot express enough how grateful I am to her for developing that tool. I truly believe a laparoscopic hysterectomy would not have been possible without this tool and her commitment to developing it.

I woke up in recovery much better this time than after my top surgery. They wheeled me up to my room where my mother was and we were pretty much set after that. Below is a picture of my incisions and bloating (which was surprisingly minimal) the first night.

Incisions and bloating day of surgery.

First Day Post-Op, November 3rd:

I didn’t sleep great in the hospital (shocker). The nurse came in to remove my catheter at 5:30AM. It burned, but hey, it was over quickly. They removed my pain pump (morphine) shortly after. It was at this time, I was given a Percocet. I had breakfast (which was amazing!) during which my surgeon came to visit. I thanked her profusely for all that she’d done for me. Afterwards, I got up to pee and walk down the hall. I knew I would be able to leave as soon as I peed, so yeah. It was a high priority for me. Before we left, I had my mom take some pics of my bloating and incisions standing up. They are below.

Incisions and bloating standing, one-day post-op
Bloating from the side, standing, one-day post-op.

Mom and I picked up my script and made it uneventfully to my buddy’s where we are staying for the next few days. Nothing much more to tell here other than I missed a Percocet time and didn’t feel like I needed it. I took some ibuprofen instead just in case. I took my last Percocet that night before bed just in case, but looking back I would’ve been fine without it. This was the last pain medication of any kind I would take for this surgery.

Day 2 Post-Op, November 4th:

I had minimal draining for the first two days post surgery, but by the middle of the day I appeared to be done with that. This pleased me immensely because I felt like that stitch needed to breathe and be left alone. The rest of the day was spent walking around and lounging around. Nothing much to report other than that stupid stitch has given me the most trouble out of the entire surgery.

Total Recap, Day 3, November 5th:

This has been a shockingly easy experience. Everyone assured me it would be, but sheesh, I really am floored by how easy it’s all been still. I am just lounging around and taking it easy for now. As of right now, I don’t anticipate being out of work the full four weeks that I requested. My post-op appointment is on Monday, November 14th and I will write a post about that.

If you made it this far through this post, then thanks for reading! Now, on to the next one.


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  1. Congrats!! Glad it went so well. Mine wasn’t nearly as uneventful but I’m thankful to have it over. I would suggest enjoying some down time so you heal really well before getting back to your normal routine.

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