4 Years (and a few days) on T

I just can’t seem to get these posts written on the day of the anniversary. HA!


Either it’s just in my head, a factor of time, or it’s due to my recent hysterectomy, but my hairline and hair in general is freaking me out. I feel like I’m loosing more than normal when I comb my hair in the morning. Also, it appears that the hair near my temples is thinning as well.

You can’t choose how testosterone is going to affect your body in any way and I always knew that hair loss was a possibility. I’m not going bald yet, but I’d be lying if I said this didn’t bother me a little. My facial hair continues to come in, but I still don’t think I’ll be growing a full beard any time soon.


Here’s my voice 4 years on testosterone.



As previously mentioned, I’ve taken another step on my surgical journey this year, so that’s exciting. I’ve started to lay the ground work for lower surgery which is also exciting. I’m looking forward to knowing what it will feel like to be “done” with transition. Exercise is going very well for me and I’ve added trail running to my routine. I also plan on adding free weights to try and bulk up some.

Besides transition-related decisions, I have a few other big ones to make that are bumping around my head, so it’s been an introspective fall. A relationship with a woman hasn’t transpired yet, but I’m sure it’ll happen when it’s supposed to.


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