Beginning DHT/Andractim Treatment

I began using DHT to try and maximize my lower growth from HRT on March 15th. Because I have chosen metoidioplasty for lower surgery, getting as much as I can out of my natal anatomy is important to me.

I’ve been researching this for many years and two of the best sources I found are here and here. Some of what I say in this post will be a repeat of what is in these sources, but I find some questions pop up repeatedly online and in surgery groups, so I don’t think reiterating certain things is unhelpful.

Currently, the only place in the world to get DHT cream is in Cyprus, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea. The clinic is called All Saints. You’ll notice that this clinic is focused on testosterone replacement in older men. As a result, when you purchase this cream you’ll want to mark that you’re female or you’ll have to buy a prostate testing kit that you don’t need. Speaking of cost, at the current exchange rate I paid approximately $167 USD for two tubes and to have it shipped. Because DHT is a Schedule III Controlled Substance, it is illegal to import into the United States without a prescription. You must obtain a prescription that All Saints will include in the package. This way when U.S. Customs opens your package your product won’t be seized and you won’t be subjected to fines.

Below are several photos showing the package and the Andractim 2.5% tubes:

Unfortunately mine did not come with the plastic measuring sticks to measure out how many grams I’m applying. It seems that All Saints stopped doing this a while ago, but I’m not sure why. As a result, I’m using the dosage most commonly described by other men. I’m applying one to one and a half “pea-sized” dollops to my genitals twice a day.  The duration of this treatment should last no more than 3 months. I intend on doing it for that long.

Andractim 2.5% is an alcohol-based gel. This stuff burns. Now, your mileage on this may vary. Some guys find it to be close to unbearable, others do not. If you do find it to be close to unbearable, you can use Orajel to numb the area. You will get used to the sensation over time. For me personally it is like a slow building burn that gets really intense for 0.5 seconds and then begins to dissipate.

Because DHT is the type of testosterone that causes hair loss, I waited to start using this until I’d obtained a DHT blocking shampoo. I chose this for its price point and based on the reviews I read. It is too early to tell if this is going to work, but I felt like I had to at least try to protect my hair. Some men cycle their usage of DHT because of this. They will use it for two weeks and then take a week or two off to mitigate or slow significant hair loss.

DHT use should be monitored by a doctor and you should have your levels checked regularly to make sure that you are not damaging your body. My levels have always gone up and down. Currently they are low, 458 to be exact, so my doctor did not adjust my injectable testosterone dose since I have room to play with hormonally. I will be going in for blood work at the 1.5 month mark to make sure my testosterone levels are not too high.

At the beginning of this process I measured myself to track any potential growth I might have. I will say that I am within the “normal” range of growth self-reported and medically predicted that a person can have. Some guys have reported as much as 1″ of growth out of DHT treatment (rare) all the way down to not getting any growth out of this treatment at all. The average seems to be 0.5″ to 0.75″. Keep in mind that all of these numbers are self-reported. I am not aware of a medical study that has been done on DHT treatment for transsexual men and if any readers know of one, please share!


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