Surgery Date with Dr. Michael Safir

I meant to make this announcement about a month ago, but D-day (HA!) has been confirmed: March 7th, 2018 and will take place in San Fransisco, CA.

Ultimately I chose Dr. Safir because of his versatile urological experience. The decision was harder than I thought it would be because I really like Dr. Wittenberg personally. In the end though I had to choose the surgeon who I feel can deliver the optimal result based on what I want to get out of this surgery.

I have secured lodging near the surgical center. This is going to be very expensive, as it would be anytime you stay somewhere for three weeks. The two bedroom apartment I booked will cost $2,179 for the duration of my stay. I have booked my flight, which cost around $416 round-trip, which is not as bad as I thought it would be.

I am currently trying to beef my health up to be as healthy as possible for surgery. For me this is continuing to stay active, watching what I eat and I intend on drastically reducing my alcohol and red meat consumption the month before surgery.

Dr. Safir stressed that the techniques are all the same in the Brownstein Crane practice and that results are more determined by how well you heal and your body type in general.

I will be documenting my first stage of metoidioplasty on this blog.

UPDATE: I have been trying to set up a urologist back home in case of complications. This is proving to be more difficult than I thought, due to the usual culprit. Doctors seem to treat/think gender reassignment surgeries and the complications that can arise are different from the ones they already encounter in their speciality. I realize that I am not a doctor, and that there are reasons for requesting surgery notes, medical records, etc. My beef however lies in the fact that if a cisgendered man needed to be referred for a fistula or a stricture, I highly doubt he would be asked to produce these documents, which we all know are a pain in the ass to get and orchestrate the receiving of. Of course I have to comply, but I am also seeking other recommendations for urologists from my primary physician, as I don’t want to be left hanging by the urology practice I am referring to in this paragraph.

I feel very strongly after reading of many men’s experiences with this and other SRS procedures, that having an established urologist back home can make the stressful nature of complications less so.


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