7 Weeks Post-Op Metoidioplasty + Urologist Appointment

I’ve been terribly lax on writing, due to returning to work. Let’s go back in time to my 7-weeks post-op metoidioplasty, which also coincided with my appointment with a local urologist. This appointment occurred on Wednesday, April 25th.

I had a terrible experience with the intake nurse which I will not detail here, but I did make a very detailed complaint with the provider in question.

Before the urologist came in, I peed into a device that measured the strength of my urine flow. The nurse also performed an ultrasound on my bladder to see how much residual urine I had left. I had less than a teaspoon left in my bladder, which was good. This means that I am emptying my bladder satisfactorily.

When the urologist came in, she told me that she had spoken to Dr. Safir on the phone to get all the details of my surgery. Next, she examined me and was very pleased with how I was healing and how close I was to being healed from first stage. When I asked how close she thought I was to being healed, she told me could not give me an exact number.

Here are the questions I feel are most important to post:

  • She told me the timeline for seeing what the fistulas I have do is 4 months. I have a followup appointment with her in August.
  • She told me to try and plug the holes with my fingers while I pee. She said this could potentially redirect things and keep the fistulas from setting or getting worse.
  • Because we already know that I have fistulas, if a repair is necessary she would not do a RUG or dye test, but rather just perform a scope on my urethra to see where the issues are.
  • I had been having some discomfort when sitting to urinate and she said this was due to the angulation of my new urethral system and nothing to be overly concerned about.
  • An interesting fact to me, based on where I live: I asked her if I was her first patient to have had lower surgery. She kind of chuckled and said “Oh no. Not at all.” That made me feel better.

I was very pleased with my experience with the urologist. She spent a lot of time with me and answered every question I had. I never once felt rushed.

Overall, my mood going into this appointment was not great. I’d been having a lot of anxiety and ups and downs over my fistulas. Upon leaving this appointment, I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders due to having a timeline for seeing what the fistulas do. Also, this is a long road and that is something my urologist reminded me of. Lower surgery is a journey just like any other part of transition and while I had been feeling impatient and frustrated, she reminded me that I had already been through a lot and to be gentle and patient with myself and my body.


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