9 Weeks Post-Op Metoidioplasty

There’s just a theme of me being late on updating, but like my previous post, this has to do with returning to work. Stay till the end for sex talk.

On Thursday, May 10th, I had a follow-up phone call with Dr. Safir about my healing progress from first stage metoidioplasty. My initial surgery was performed on March 7th, 2018.

Dr. Safir and I had a really great conversation about my surgery, my results and what we are going to do next.

We discussed my urination at length. I have been dealing with at least two fistulas since the initial urination trial. He wants me to continue to send pictures/video every three weeks or so until August, when the four month mark will be up and we will go from there on a potential repair. He implied that I might go out there for repair, but if he’s wanting to separate the repair stage from stage two, then I’m going to see if he thinks my urologist here can do the repair.

Dr. Safir and I actually started discussing a lot of stage 2 things on this call. I asked him about this: “majora fold reduction,” a term I’d seen on Chen’s site. Dr. Safir responded that he and Dr. Chen had actually spoken the day before and this came up in conversation. He said it is a type of L-shaped incision that reduces the majoral folds at the top of the genital region/pubic bone.

We also discussed doing a “lift” due to my anatomy. I was very firm on wanting the “majora fold reduction” and the “lift.” For me, I think those two things are going to be very vital when it comes to my final satisfaction. I am not sure if the “majora fold reduction” will take the place of a monsplasty or not. I’ll ask him next time we speak.


Towards the end of our conversation, I told him I’d made the decision to go with the Coloplast testicle implants. I think his reasoning for those is solid and in the end, I want the best results with the least complications that I can possibly have.

It will be interesting to see what the next two months hold. So far, plugging my fistulas with my fingers is proving to only help half of the time. Still, it feels better to me to do something, rather than do nothing to try to help my situation. In the end, I trust that things will be OK. I do not regret any of this for one second and would do it all again in a heart beat.


I asked Dr. Safir about my sexual sensation. Many men report that sex is “fantastic,” “amazing,” and “better than before,” post-op. So far, this has not been my experience. I still have a line of stitches on the underside of my penis, which the local urologist would not touch or remove. Dr. Safir informed me that these are no longer providing a structural purpose, but I am now stuck with them until they come out. These stitches are probably impeding some of my sexual satisfaction. He also told me that the goal during surgery is to preserve the top of the shaft and tip of the penis to ensure sexual satisfaction. So far, these are the most erogenous zones I currently have.

I do think that some of my difficulty post surgery with sexual satisfaction has to do with psycho-somatic responses. These are manifesting themselves in loss of erection, difficulty orgasming and difficulty being present during sexual situations. While frustrating, these are things that can be dealt with and overcome. Dr. Safir did not seem to think that I was having significant sexual problems and encouraged me to not get discouraged and continue to “practice.”


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  1. Is there an email address I can contact you more about your experience considering Crane? Couldn’t figure out how to message you directly on here… Thanks

    1. Hey, CJ! I’m happy to chat with you. I just don’t want to put out my personal email address on the Internet. Can we just talk back and forth on these comments?

  2. Hi, I hope this isn’t uncomfortable (I just commented on this post since it was the newest one) but I’m a younger FTM living in Middle Tennesee and I’ve been really lost in terms of looking for resources; I think it’d be a good experience to talk to someone older who has gone through a lot of things regarding transition since so far I’ve only been able to scrounge up enough to get a binder and a packer. I think one day I’d like to go on T and have surgeries but I’m not sure yet, and the idea that I wouldn’t be able to find anyone tolerant in TN is sort of preventing me from pursuing it as well as the fact that I’m from a poorer area. If you wouldn’t like to chat, that’s okay and I’m very happy for you and I hope you heal up okay! I know this takes a lot of time.

    1. Hello, Adrien! You’re fine. You are the whole reason I started this blog. You can read all about my experience over the last 5-1/2 years here. I’ll also drop some resources in this comment:

      For hormones, you can go to Planned Parenthood in Nashville, TN. There are also several Primary Care Physicians (PCPs) who will administer and monitor hormone treatment in Nashville.

      If you are a minor or on the younger end of your 20s, this support group may be appropriate: http://justusoasis.org/tyme/

      There are several secret groups on Facebook geared towards regions of TN, but you have to know someone to be added to them. I know that is not super helpful right this second, but it is to protect the identities of those who are stealth.

      As for general surgical information, Google is your friend. http://www.transbucket.com is fantastic for surgical results, although you will have to make a new password every time. Once you’ve narrowed down surgeons, there are Facebook groups for specific surgeons, as well as general surgery types. Those groups are not always secret, so if you are stealth, people will be able to see that you are in them.

      I hope this helps you get started. Feel free to keep contacting me here!

      1. Thank you very much! I’m sorry, I just saw this around 3 weeks later. I’m very glad that there are people like you out there, especially from around here. It means a lot that you took the time to provide those resources, and I’m going to look into getting therapy very soon.. I asked an older friend of mine who is on T and he helped me find some gender therapists and someone who could potentially get me a HRT letter. I’m 16 so I’m not sure exactly how it will go, though. I’d like to look through your blog and I’m happy to keep in touch, I think it’d be a nice experience and it’d really help me to think everything through and plan it out

      2. You’re welcome, Adrien. I’m glad you are finding this blog helpful. That’s great news about finding some gender therapists! Don’t quote me, but since you’re a minor, I think you’ll have to have your parent or guardian sign off on you starting HRT before you’re 18.

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