Post-Op Fistula Repair/Stage 2 with Dr. Safir

My post-op appointment with Dr. Safir was on October 10th, the day before I flew home. This was my only in-person post-op appointment with Dr. Safir for this surgery. I asked for this because I have a very capable and willing urologist in my home town who agreed to do the rest of my surgical follow-up care for these procedures (*more on that later in the post).

Here are the highlights from the appointment:

  • Dr. Safir was super pleased with how everything looked and how I am healing. He commented on how much more exposed my penis is now with the labia majoral fold reduction. He was clearly happy with his work, because while he was examining me he got a little surprised or impressed look on his face about how good the labia majoral fold reduction turned out. I found this to be a little amusing because Dr. Safir is always composed and laid back.
  • Even though I am very pleased with the results of this surgery so far, my mons is still very prominent and it definitely affects how my genitals look when I look down from above. I got the idea to have Dr. Safir stand behind me and look down the way I look down at my genitals, so he could see what I see. Once he did that, he understood what I was saying about my mons tissue. I wish I had gotten him to do this before this procedure, but it just didn’t occur to me. I asked him if the penile lift would help or if we could look at doing some mons work next time. He agreed that we may need to do some mons work, which made me a lot happier and less anxious about the third and final stage.
  • When I asked Dr. Safir how he felt about the fistula repair he said that he thought it went well, but that we wouldn’t know for sure until the pee test commences. He also made the comment that he “respects the fistula,” at which I chuckled. His point was that sometimes they are stubborn and he approaches each one with cautious optimism. So in other words, there is always a chance that it may not be fixed, but in his professional opinion, he feels cautiously good about mine.
  • *While we were talking, I asked Dr. Safir how it would go working with my local urologist’s office. Would they talk on the phone? Would it be weekly? Would he have input on the pee test? He told me that agreeing to spread out the care like this is not something he would normally agree to, as some patients do not follow up with the office like they are asked to or follow surgeon’s aftercare instructions. Apparently agreeing to spreading out care like this between offices is something he trusts me with because of the type of patient I am. I am not saying this to sound like a jerk, just recounting it because it could help other men seek other avenues of care.

I have been in contact with my local urologist’s office since the day after surgery. After reviewing Dr. Safir’s surgery notes and the notes from this appointment, they are supposed to be scheduling an appointment with me.

Dr. Safir and I also have a phone call follow-up on October 25th.

The next thing to look forward to is the pee test!


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