Fistula Repair & Stage Two with Dr. Michael Safir

It's official! I'm having my fistula repair and some stage two things done on October 3rd, 2018 with Dr. Michael Safir in San Fransisco, CA. I am only having one post-op appointment with Dr. Safir a week after my surgery on October 10th. My local urologist will take over my post-op care from there. Dr. Safir... Continue Reading →


9 Weeks Post-Op Metoidioplasty

There's just a theme of me being late on updating, but like my previous post, this has to do with returning to work. Stay till the end for sex talk. On Thursday, May 10th, I had a follow-up phone call with Dr. Safir about my healing progress from first stage metoidioplasty. My initial surgery was performed... Continue Reading →

6 Weeks Post-Op Metoidioplasty

I skipped my 5-week update because I had a lot going on in my personal life, so I'm just going to put the last two weeks together here. Physical Health At the 5-week post op mark, I hit what a lot of men describe as a "healing jump," i.e. I experienced a noticeable shift in... Continue Reading →

4 Weeks Post-Op Metoidioplasty

I'm several days late, so lets dive in! Tuesday Wednesday, April 4th I was my 4 weeks post-op metoidioplasty. The day before, I had terrible bladder spasms. I had been voiding enough of my bladder (leaving only 200ccs left in my bladder after each void), that I made an appointment with my primary care physician (PCP)... Continue Reading →

Urination Trial – Part Two

I've been waiting to update this hoping there would be a resolution, but so far it is turning into its own saga. Instead, I'll just update what has happened so far. After stopping the urination trial again and waiting until Monday, March 26th to try again, there was no change in the fistula. I was... Continue Reading →

Urination Trial – Part One

I started my urination trial, i.e. peeing through my phallus through my revamped urethral system on Thursday after my second post-op appointment. Here is how it has gone so far. Thursday I let my bladder fill as recommended and tried to pee Thursday evening. Nothing happened for quite some time. I finally managed a few drops... Continue Reading →

Second Post-Op Appointment with Dr. Safir

I had my second post-op appointment with Dr. Safir on Thursday, March 22nd. Here are the highlights from that appointment: Some... stuff had collected and hardened near the bottom of my phallus and near the middle of my scrotum. Dr. Safir thankfully removed it, but let me tell you something: OUCH. He also cleaned the... Continue Reading →

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