5 Years on T

Five years ago today, I took a huge step in my transition - my first shot of testosterone. SO many things have happened since that day. Romantic relationships have come and gone, as have friendships. I've had top surgery, a hysterectomy, and I'm preparing for metoidioplasty. Let's get to the nitty gritty. Hair: My hair... Continue Reading →


4 Years (and a few days) on T

I just can't seem to get these posts written on the day of the anniversary. HA! Hair: Either it's just in my head, a factor of time, or it's due to my recent hysterectomy, but my hairline and hair in general is freaking me out. I feel like I'm loosing more than normal when I... Continue Reading →

3 Years and 1 Month on T

My T-versary was technically on November 19th, but due to things I've talked about¬†here, I've been a¬†little busy. Better late than never. Hair: Well, as with most men, the longer I'm on testosterone the more hair I get on my face and the less hair I have on my head. HA! It's really not that... Continue Reading →

2-1/2 Years on T

I debated posting anything for my 2-1/2 years on T, which was technically last week on May 19th, but because I've noticed some major hair changes, I figured what the hell. Hair: My hair is doing crazy things. I've continued to gain more body hair overall, but as you'll see in the pictures below, I've... Continue Reading →

1-Year Post-Op

And what a year it's been. So I'm not great at selfies. Anyways, it shocks me looking at this how light my scars are. Sensation? Not so much. I mean, it's returned to my pectorals and such, but the nips? Let's just say I know when it's cold, but I can't feel it. I'm not... Continue Reading →

2 Years on T!

Technically, my two-year anniversary is tomorrow, but I'll be working a 14-hour day. Thus, I'm posting tonight. Let's get to it! This last year has been a crazy learning experience, not just with transition, but with life in general. While transition doesn't have everything to do with my life, it is inextricably linked to it.... Continue Reading →


I got this thought in my head today about testosterone and tears. I often read over the years a lot of guys say that after testosterone, they found crying harder or impossible for a time. Followers of my blog will note that I have had trouble with my levels throughout my transition and I have... Continue Reading →

One Year on T!

Well, here we are and what a ride it's been! As is typical for most trans men my one year has been an important day to look forward to. I have laughed, learned, cried, puzzled and much more over the last year. This journey has not been easy, but is not one that I would... Continue Reading →

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